About us & our guesthouse

At Girassol, “Our Mission is Your comfort

This is not simply a slogan. It is an intrinsic part of the commitment ideal set out from inception. We have worked very hard at learning to excel for our clients and at the end of the day we are working towards the same goal.

Our Values

Whilst embarking on the ideal that we have set for ourselves, we seek to uphold the values that define the nature of our relationships with our customers. Simply put, they are:

Integrity, Excellence, Honesty, Comfort: All to the possible extreme!

Our Structure

The bed and Breakfast guesthouse was started in Kensington, and over the years has grown to a level of service on par with the best in the South African marketplace . Each division operates independently but supervised to the strictest of expectations. Each supervisor in turn, has undertaken the necessary degree of training.  The objective of these efforts, is of course to better serve our client base which hails from different parts of the world, particularly from the neighbouring states as far as Angola and Mozambique, hence the emphasis placed on cultural knowledge.

We have multilingual possibilities, making it easier to communicate with clients in their own language in most cases.

Girassol guesthouse was founded by Miza Luis, who manages directly two supervisors, these in the areas of admin and services and in turn both supervise a number of assistants. 

Our Services

Apart from offering lodging facilities in a Bed and breakfast level, we also render many more services to our clients, these best described in the services page (Click "services" in the menu above to learn more).






Telephone: +2711 615 4526 Mobile: +2782 783 2219 E-Mail: enquiries@girassol-guesthouse.co.za